If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, then you already know that these cases are anything but trivial. At Sachs Law, APC, our lawyers in California and Nevada are changing the way people see this practice area. We know that people need compassion and understanding after an accident, and, most importantly, someone who will fight to obtain the compensation they need to recover.

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Steve Rosen

  • Position: Senior Litigation Partner
  • Location: 18650 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 350, Irvine, CA 92612
  • Email: steve@sachslawyers.com
  • Phone: 1 (833) 4-THE-MVP

Senior Litigation Partner

Licensed in Nevada & California

For more than 7 years, Stephen N. Rosen worked as a defense counselor for companies dealing with personal injury lawsuits. During that time, Mr. Rosen saw the enormous impact injuries had on their victims and their families. Wanting to help real people and not just big companies, Stephen decided to shift his career in a new direction. Now he runs Rosen Law Offices as a  personal injury lawyer in Nevada and California dedicated to helping victims of injury. With extensive experience working as a defense attorney, Stephen knows how to work around the insurance companies’ usual strategies and get his clients the compensation they deserve.

As a defense attorney, Stephen saw what kind of lawyers earned the biggest settlements for their clients. Time and time again, the counsel that seemed to have a close relationship with their clients and truly understood the intricacies of their claim were able to more aggressively pursue larger payouts. Meanwhile, attorneys from large firms that had little time to spend on each of their clients’ cases hardly fought for more than the bare minimum of what their client could have recovered.

 Over the years, it has become clear to us that an attorney’s personal attention to their client’s case makes all the difference in the outcome of the case, and in the wellbeing of the clients themselves. So, Stephen started Rosen Law Offices with that in mind and has since dedicated personal attention to each and every case that comes through the doors. Assisted by a handpicked staff, Stephen works collaboratively with his team on all cases to come up with creative solutions to problems. He also makes himself readily available to meet with his clients whenever they need him. As a result, they feel more confident in their cases, and Stephen is able to better discern the true value of each case.
Stephen is a graduate of Loyola Law School and member of both the California and Nevada Bar. He has been awarded the 2015 Super Lawyer Rising Star award and the title of Legal Elite from Nevada Business Magazine. If you would like to meet with Dana Point personal injury attorney Stephen Rosen, call and schedule a free consultation.

Case Results

As a dedicated firm, we have helped countless victims in California and Nevada of accidents obtain substantial compensation to aid in their recovery.