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Why Medical Records Are a Crucial Part of Your Case

Did you know that many people who suffer a car accident fail to seek medical attention after the crash? Did you also know that this is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made and it could put your rights to legal action at risk?

Unfortunately, this happens far too often and individuals are unable to show that their injuries stem from the car accident. However, it is important to get checked quickly and seek the medical attention you need. Here’s why medical records are so important for you.



Getting checked immediately helps you establish care and determine what is wrong. Many people fail to do this because they’re not feeling the injury due to adrenaline or because it hasn’t manifested yet. In fact, some injuries may not impact a car accident victim for days, or even weeks.

Your medical records immediately following the crash set the tone for getting the necessary treatments and procedures you need to focus on improving your health. This is especially important if the injuries are serious or life-threatening and require long-term care.



Part of filing a personal injury claim after a car accident means having the necessary evidence to prove fault and liability. Your medical records can be used to help show the injury you sustained and medical professionals can attest to the potential cause of the injury.

This is very helpful because proving that there was in fact an injury and that it was caused by the accident is crucial in proving liability.

At Sachs Law, APC, we understand how important it is for you to seek compensation after sustaining injury as a result a car accident caused by negligence. Trust that we know what it takes to move forward and guide you through the process.

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