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How You Can Tell Your Story with Pictures of the Car Accident Scene

For many individuals, talking about their car accident can be difficult. You’re not sure what to say, what not to say, or how to truly provide the details involved. This can be a confusing time for anyone to experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

One of the things you can do to help yourself and show more of the accident is taking pictures of the scene of the car accident. This can include taking pictures of the vehicles and any potential signs of negligence such as tire marks, missing traffic signals, potholes, and more.

Here’s how these pictures can help you tell the story of your accident in an effective manner.



As confusing as it may be to detail every bit of your car accident, pictures can be the evidence you need to help describe what happened. While it’s not always accurate, some pictures of the scene and damages to your vehicle can help backup what you’re saying.

For instance, if you told the adjuster that the other car was speeding to make a light, and you have damage to the rear of your car and there are brake marks behind you, it could show that a rear-end collision was caused by negligence.

The location of the damage can help backup your recollection of the incident, as well as show that the other party did something that resulted in them either losing control or they were dangerous in their operation of their vehicle.

Pictures can be one of the best pieces of evidence you can have when seeking legal action against a negligent party. Make sure you take the time to take photos and provide them to your legal team who can help build a case on your behalf.

Our California and Nevada car accident attorneys at Sachs Law, APC work hard to help you discover the options that suit your situation best. If this means showing images proving negligence and fault, then ensuring you have the best and clearest pictures possible is important.

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