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Personal injury has been a common practice area in the United States for many years now, but the circumstances surrounding these cases have drastically changed. With the rise of ridesharing services, GPS, and texting, attorneys need to be able to approach these cases with a modernized mindset, and that’s just what we at Sachs Law, APC aim to do.

Our California and Nevada personal injury lawyers are modernizing the personal injury world. One of the ways we do this is by making the attorney-client relationship more personal. Anyone who has been injured in an accident knows what a difficult and stressful time this is for the victims and their families. We take our clients’ situations very seriously and work tirelessly to help them through this difficult time.
When You've Been Injured

It's Not Business, It's Personal

We know that the outcome of a case weighs heavily on our clients’ minds. You may be relying on the compensation from your claim to cover medical expenses from your accident.

Waiting can be the hardest part, which is why we remain readily available to our clients 24/7 so they can discuss questions and concerns with us whenever they feel anxious about their case. We keep our clients updated so that they always have some idea of what to expect.


If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, then you already know that these cases are anything but trivial. At Sachs Law, APC, our lawyers in California and Nevada are changing the way people see this practice area. We know that people need compassion and understanding after an accident, and, most importantly, someone who will fight to obtain the compensation they need to recover.

Chelsee Sachs

Managing Partner

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Senior Litigation Partner

Licensed in Nevada & California

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Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Experience Officer
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We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. There are three main categories of damages, or compensation, an injury victim can pursue in a personal injury case: economic, non-economic, and punitive. Economic damages compensate for financial losses associated with suffering an injury, such as medical bills, future medical expenses and the inability to work. Economic damages are also called special damages.
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